We are very excited to lead a discussion on bullying to all teachers on January 3rd. We are taking time out of our last day of break to try and make a difference. We hope that you can join us and have a voice. 

Dear Bully, You think you can beat me. But I disagree.

Sincerely, Not the victim.

This is for me...

....my friends today...

And my friends tomorrow.

I think being mean stinks...

I won't watch someone getting picked on

Because I am a do something person....

...not a do nothing person.

I care, I can help change things, I can be a leader

In my world there are no bullies allowed.

Bullying is bad...Bullying bites, Bullying bothers me.

I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do.


Anti-bullying Pledge, www.bullying.org

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